Carmen del Valle

Founder and director

"Keep in mind that great love and great achievement require a great risk." Dalai LamA

Having a relationship is a commitment that can give us the greatest joy. Deciding to share your life with someone special implies love but also many other things that we don't always take into consideration. Our job is to bring together like-minded people in an almost magical recipe that will help you succeed in your relationship.

I am not alone in this project, I have a great team who, like me, have made their work their passion.

Lucía Gómez

Certified Coach

"Your partner has not come to make you happy but to make you aware".

We must banish the idea of looking for your better half because none of us comes into this world incomplete. We are complete and independent beings, but we are happier sharing our happiness. Your partner is your unconditional support, the one who helps you grow and become a better person, the one who gives you experiences and new ways of seeing things and with whom you can build a life project together.

This is easier the closer the person you connect with, when you share values and a common vision of the future, but it is also important to be flexible and to let yourself be surprised.

The couple works when both banish ego to make way for mutual personal growth.