I am looking for a gay partner Serious, Stable, Committed

Are you single? Do you want to find a serious partner? Someone who shares your personal values and vision of life? Let us help you!

The difficulties of finding a serious and stable partner are greater for homosexuals than for heterosexuals.

Are you not giving up on finding a partner who looks you in the eye in the same way that you look at her? Someone who loves you and wants to share a common life project with you.

We can find the best homosexual partner for you, someone who fits your requirements and who is looking for a committed, genuine and long-lasting relationship.


I made my sexual orientation public at an advanced age and I realized that if I wanted to meet someone like me, to start a friendship and, why not, a loving relationship, I had to go out and find him. That was obvious. But I was also aware that the option of fostering such an encounter would have to take place in some of the usual places of leisure among gay people. Honestly, I was not attracted to the possibility of having to go to places with loud music and wait for someone to approach me while waiting at the bar with a glass in my hand. I have never been a person who felt comfortable in bars and even less so now. Someone suggested I go to an agency to help me find what I wanted and that's when I found Harmony. At first I felt a little weird because I didn't have any references from anyone who had gone to these types of agencies but I said to myself why not? Carmen and Jorge made a great impression on me right from the beginning. I could see that not only were they a good team of professionals but that they treated the delicate subject of feelings with tact and delicacy. They both show empathy and respect and are two people who are clearly enjoying their work and are committed to it. They also share a quality that is difficult to find today: knowing how to listen and make you feel comfortable. At present, and thanks to them, I am starting a relationship and I am delighted. It's true that I don't know how it will develop but I do know that it all started at Harmony

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